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Animals benefit from aloe too.

Never forget this large and significant market when building a Forever Business. Along with our Aloe Veterinary Formula, our other products that are suitable for animals include:

  • Aloe Vera Gel - To improve general well-being - use in conjunction with aloe vera topical preparations.
  • Aloe Vera Gelly - For soothing minor skin problems in a more concentrated form.
  • Aloe Propolis Creme - Soothing and moisturising skin cream.
  • Aloe Heat Lotion - To help bring relief from stresses and strains.
  • Forever Bright Toothgel - Helps fight plaque, and nourishes and protects teeth and gums.
  • Aloe Liquid Soap - Excellent for cleaning the skin and suitable for animals with skin prone to eczema.
  • Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo – For bathing animals with dry and sensitive skin.

Vet’s Advice by David Urch

“I believe it is key to understand why naturally produced like ours are so important and in the trainings I will explain the approach I use when helping both people and animals with their problems. This involves understanding the complementary integrated holistic whole lifestyle approach to wellbeing.

The first aim is to prevent or hold back conditions and then treat them if it becomes necessary. In an ideal situation we would only use natural complementary products but in the real world there are cases where the time needed for them to work is not available and the integrated approach becomes essential. Your nutrition and that of your animals plays a very important part of prevention. If nutrients are lacking then supplementation to avoid disease becomes imperative.

One has to look and treat the whole animal and not just the presenting symptoms. The animal’s lifestyle must also be examined and amendments made to the diet, exercise, water intake and stress levels. 75% of the problems I face as a Vet can be helped by our top 10 products. These are discussed in detail at the All About Aloe and Advisory Board trainings.


Aloe Vera Extracts in Equine Clinical Practice

In September 1996, Peter Green published an article on the benefits of aloe vera treatments in equine clinical practice, and in particular, persistent leucopaenia and lethargy syndrome of competition horses. Horses affected by this disease have lower than normal total leucocyte counts when compared with other horses in the yard of similar type, age and condition.

They often have good appetites and may be in good condition. They have persistently poor exercise tolerance and may be lethargic in the stable.

The condition may be secondary to an obvious viral or bacterial respiratory infection, but in other horses there is no obvious precipitating cause and the owner simply reports that the horse is lifeless and dull. Because of the similarity to human post viral or persistent viraemic syndromes, colleagues have suggested that a viral agent is likely to be responsible, but to date no virus isolation or identification has been forthcoming. Without any treatment, a proportion of these horses will recover with rest and time, but others will remain lethargic for months on end.

In Peter Green’s experience, multi-vitamin supplementation, antibiotics and other mainstream therapies have failed to achieve any response. The results indicate that a significant proportion of horses appear to respond to oral Aloe vera medication. In those animals which showed an increase in the total circulating leucocytes, there was also an increase in vitality and exercise tolerance.


Aloe veternarian formula  

At A Glance

  • High concentration of aloe vera
  • Multi-purpose product
  • Can be helpful in dealing with ringworm, equine mud fever and contaminated wounds
  • Moisturising action
  • Easy nozzle spray application

Description & Purpose

Forever has created Aloe Veterinary Formula - a unique remedy for animals. Aloe Veterinary Formula is made with stabilised aloe vera gel as its primary ingredient, and is ideally suited for skin problems. Allantoin, a naturally soothing substance, is the other main ingredient.

The nozzle-control spray makes application to any size or type of pet easy. Aloe Veterinary Formula can provide quick and soothing relief. Spray onto coats after bathing for added shine and condition.


Stabilised aloe vera gel, water, allantoin, glycerin, tocopherol (vitamin E natural), ascorbic acid,

potassium citrate, propylene glycol, polysorbate 20, sodium citrate, imidazolidinyl urea, methylparaben.


473ml (16fl oz).


Cleanse with Aloe Liquid Soap and water, and apply to affected areas. Bandage if necessary. For optimum results apply several times daily or as recommended by your veterinary surgeon.

Note Always consult your veterinary surgeon before undertaking any treatment on an animal.

This product is for external use only, and is not recommended for deep puncture wounds. Avoid contact with the eyes and other sensitive areas.

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